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Handi-capable Karate was created on the basis that we believe that no person should be denied the beauty of training in the martial arts. We believe that Master Gichin Funakoshi said it the best, “The ultimate aim of the art of karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the characters of its participants.”

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Karate ‘N’ Motion Comes Back To Motion After The Tragedy

Karate ‘N’ Motion at NJ, Westfield is up and working after a tragedy that burnt down six stores along with Karate ‘N’ Motion at South Avenue on the 1st of September. The day that marks the Labor Day, was blotted with sorrow after a fire that started in the Karate ‘N’ Motion studio. Fortunately the firemen arrived at the spot within 4 minutes of the 911 call. It took 90 minutes and 80 firefighters to bring the fire under control. The karate studio was left tattered with its collapsed ceiling.

However, the fire couldn’t break the spirits of those for whom Karate ‘N’ Motion was a home away from home. Students and instructors resumed their practice from the day after the incident. They have been trying to find a new space for training and meanwhile kept rehearsing at open parks, at the Westfield Community Center and also in yards. The “dojo family” is working together hand in hand to survive the competitive season. The fire has taken with it important equipment which are being thoroughly missed. Erstwhile many awards, trophies and certificates were also destroyed.

Karate ‘N’ Motion was established 14 years ago. With their roof gone, Sensei Grand Master Alan Simms is yet to chalk out a plan for the future. He is the owner of the space. Alan Simms was however relieved that there were no casualties, though two firemen were rushed to the hospital after they were strewn to the streets after a blast. The school has approximately 100 students among who many train through 4 to 5 days per week. Hence maintaining a schedule is important for their routine. Simms is worried that with the weather taking a cold turn, outdoor routines will grow more difficult. The Karate ‘N’ Motion students are expected to perform at the FestiFall Street Fair.

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BJ Penn and Mike Dolce busy blaming each other for the heavy defeat

Jay Dee Penn better known as BJ Penn has recently retired from boxing. This came forth at the back of his defeat against Frankie Edgar. It was a technical knockout loss. The veteran looked out of sorts but he had put in a lot of effort to make his bout count in a weight category to which he is not accustomed with. He had cut down to 145 pounds and was fighting in the featherweight category. However this did not prove suitable for him. BJ Penn felt that he was fed very little on the day of the bout by his dietician Mike Dolce. The veteran had hired Dolce as a professional dietician but he did not really seem very happy with his conduct. He was infuriated by Dolce’s comment at the end of the match when he said that Penn should have eaten if he felt like.

Mike Dolce has made his name by working with several professionals and helping them control their body weight with his prescribed diet. He gave a completely different version to the story of BJ Penn as he felt that the preparations were not good enough going into the match. He shrugged off any responsibility and felt that the lack of purpose and overconfidence. He felt that his advice was not given enough importance and he was treated more as a chef. He made it quite clear that the training camps were not good enough as it concentrated more on weight reduction than strategies. Earlier to this Jason Parillo who was the coach of Penn also claimed that he was not to be blamed solely for the purpose. It seems to be a case where none of the losing side members are owning up their mistakes rather accusing each other for the heavy defeat.