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Handi-capable Karate was created on the basis that we believe that no person should be denied the beauty of training in the martial arts. We believe that Master Gichin Funakoshi said it the best, “The ultimate aim of the art of karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the characters of its participants.”

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Forrest Griffin is missing his old days

After watching Dan Henderson and Mauricio Rua fight for the second time in the previous weekend, Forrest Griffin who is a former retired UFC light heavyweight champion was hit by a strange awe which carried in it a feeling of sadness. He says that when he sees people like Shogun and Henderson fight then he feels that they are very lucky as they are being able to fight with their enthusiasm. Griffin himself was good enough at the age of 32 but by the age of 33 he was struck by chronic disease because of which he had to retire.

It is worthwhile to praise that the younger fighters dream to win those tough battles. Griffin had his share and exact action when he entered into three difficult rounds with Stephan Bonnar and placed up his very first “Ultimate Fighter” finals in 2005. This was followed by another win over Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and claimed the UFC title three years after.

The second match was of special importance to Griffin because he was out within the first two minutes of the fight but then he had to continue for another 23 minutes which was quite difficult. Five year after his injury his body started feeling better but when he tried playing around with the basketball, he noticed a strange thing. He was not being able to touch the rim. This does not mean that Griffin now regrets pursuing a bodily challenging career.

Similar was the case of the current UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. He was into the toughest test of his life and then landed up in the hospital after a rough fight against Alexander Gustafsson. It was the first time when this 26 year old had come so close to a defeat.

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Boxing in India Needs To Be In The Hands Of Trustful Authorities

Angry with the blockage that is present in the Indian Boxing Federation, the International Boxing Association has ended the IBF from its crease uttering that the latest set of office bearers are spoiling the status, icon and importance of the sport.

The AIBA whispered that he cannot take a correct judgment on how to hold the India’s issue after receiving the disagreeing interactions from different stakeholders. The world body said in its current note that it is very sad to say that the International Boxing Association executive committee has made up their minds to end any bureaucrat relationship with its current member IABF after a wide assessment and estimation of all affairs neighboring the sport of boxing in India. Unless the new set of official take charge after new elections the IBF is not likely to be re-recognized, the AIBA president Ching Kuo Wu said.

On December 6 2012, the IBF was suspended conditionally. After this, the AIBA has not accepted any bureaucrat actions and also for 16 months it didn’t supported the Indian officials. Nevertheless the AIBA agreed to review the situation when the IOA Indian Olympic association has its deferment raised by the IOC.

However prior and post to IOA elections and raising of suspension, AIBA received diverse asserts from several groups of people regarding the way how boxing was managed in India and it became completely impracticable for AIBA to make correct judgment regarding the National Federations Affairs in India.

It is understood that the game of boxing will be on track if it would be left into the hands of trustful person who like boxing and provide them with the chance of submitting applications for the establishments of new National Federation. The AIBA said that they will not bear any government or sports authority interfering in this process.