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Handi-capable Karate was created on the basis that we believe that no person should be denied the beauty of training in the martial arts. We believe that Master Gichin Funakoshi said it the best, “The ultimate aim of the art of karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the characters of its participants.”

Karate Helps A Young Girl Protect Herself And Her Possessions

Teenage girl shows off her karate moves and puts them to use when she floors a hand bag thief in a moving bus.

The pickpocket person was in for a shock when he got punched in the face by a teenage girl. The incident occurred on a Chinese bus. It was an instance when the karate community would be proud that their training and skills have been put to good use. A pickpocket being a bungling fool was clumsy enough to try and steal from a girl’s handbag in the bus and was caught by surprise when the girl landed a kick on his face.

The footage was captured on CCTV. The footage shows that, as a girl is talking on a phone and is distracted, a thief sidles up and is trying to unfasten the white shoulder bag she is carrying. As a group of people gets off the bus, the girl moves to stand somewhere else and the thief follows, trying to get his hands into her bag which is now open.

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Smartphone Applications For Learning Martial Arts Are Gaining Popularity

Learning a martial art is not an easy task. Along with the physicality, martial art training also has a psychological side as well.  There are a lot of things to be learned and perfected. A smartphone martial art learning app may not sound like a good enough source for learning a martial art but in fact there are a number of such apps available that can really help an individual learn some moves. Such apps have also proven to be helpful for those who already practice a martial art.

There is a certain app available in the android market named Learn Karate. This app has been developed by Fitivity. Karate practitioners have found this app useful. The application contains quite a lot of technical knowledge about Karate moves and along with that it also helps an individual increase their flexibility. The application also contains information regarding how to increase one’s physical strength. It is must for a karate practitioner to learn Katas or specific sets of movements consisting of both offensive and defensive moves. The application also helps an individual learn a number of Katas. There are video clips as well as still images that will help an individual learn karate moves. The application’s design is indeed a nice one and it is sure to help someone interested in learning karate.