Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : How To Block a Punch in Kempo Karate

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25 Responses to “Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : How To Block a Punch in Kempo Karate”

  1. 90spower says:

    You practise a lot of the basic in Kiba Dachi because it builts leg power and balance.

  2. alex payette says:

    great video. all you people are so fucking stupid if you want to learn martial arts….GO TO A FUCKING CLASS FOR YEARS AND LEARN. ASSHOLES THIS DUDE TOOK TIME TO MAKE A VIDEO AND ALL YOU CAN SAY IS HOW IS THIS ADVANCED. FUCK YALL

  3. Ryan Camarata says:

    best defense to any offense,you no be there

  4. PnutButter1986 says:

    When it’s an American Sensei it doesn’t seem right to me. ‘Advanced’ Senseis would mention the hip movement which is vital to the block. Also demonstrating in horse stance (kiba dachi) makes no sense. Why not practice in a realistic stance so you don’t get kicked in the nuts? Expert Village – Dishonourable

  5. Rashid Ahmad says:

    TheJoshy1992, you are an idiot.

  6. DementedDegsy says:

    this is poo !

  7. KiraDraw says:

    pfft Expert village fools

  8. Josh P says:

    It may seem kinda mean, but when I watch these videos, unless its an asian person, it just doesnt seem right to me.

  9. panasjer says:

    no good

  10. GojuBob says:

    Thank you for this. I suppose my comment was a little snide; but this is a little ‘basic’ to be ‘advanced’! – is all I meant. I’d be worried about blocks that had to travel so far, too. From my (Goju) point of view, he gets the blocking angle (the angle of the forearm) right; but it takes a mighty long time to get there. I don’t mean to be discourteous; this is meant as constructive comment.

  11. Chris Macdonald says:

    I’m really curious as to why Kempo is seen as Karate. Sure, the name Kempo is Japanese, but the style is originally Chuan Fa, that’s why in Kempo they wear black, in China black in a humble colour.

  12. stompySharpNpointy says:

    title is misleading this is training i studied ryukyu kempo the inside block he did should be straight infront of his body from the ear to the chest not curved the elbow should sorta stamp infront of the chest and fist should spin tightly to shoulder clavicle height almost like a punch ..btw this is training not street kempo

  13. flattopkristi says:

    1 thing, I have studied Okinawan Karate and some kung fu. But if your in America, its most likely that your opponent wont hit u with a straight punch. They’ll do like a round punch.

  14. c0d24live23 says:

    exactly the same as in Kyokushin.

  15. SomeMartialArtsGuy says:

    He is actually doing it incorect when he is saying “the meaty part”
    You can condition your bones/forearms to block a punch and feel no pain. I have been doing it for 7 years and you NEVER block with meaty and tender parts of your arm! LOL And you shouldnt put your thumb out unless you want it broken. Make a correct fist

  16. CURIOUSGIAO says:

    great techniques for guys who doesnt know how to fight…. it’ll work for guys who doesnt know any karate…. but for guys who practice karate this type of block will get you killed

  17. chun060309 says:


  18. recniabsal says:

    That outward block is the SAME block I learned in Hung Gar Kung Fu as a white sash. It would not surprise me to know that Karate and Kung Fu have alot of similar moves in their styles since Japan is only across the river.

  19. varanid9 says:

    Not “hidden”, it’s actually a sign of how far MAs have deteriorated over hte past century through misuse once firearms became widespread.

  20. slickwick45 says:

    there are many hidden movements in okinawan kempo. these “blocks” can easily be used as strikes

  21. slickwick45 says:

    this guy does know what hes talking about to some degree. however what he does not say is that those blocks are really strikes( for proof look at how the hand are faced outward and the position of the knuckles)

  22. Valentine Bondar says:

    too many details, teach the concept. let the student learn the details from experience

  23. Nathan Baber says:

    I think that at a “higher” level these aren’t so much blocks as they do turn into deflecting motions. He even says to think of them as more like grabs. First you would have to deflect because you can never just grab an attack “out of the air” Once you have grabbed or deflected then you could use another “block” to sweep across and use it as a break to the joint or a strike to some other point of the body. I think we learn this type of stuff just to get the mechanics of it all.

  24. brucenatelee says:

    In most karate classes (I think I too Shotokan when I was 8), it’s the same thing. Even in Taekwondo. I just doubt that you actually do that much movement to block something that’s coming at you 25-30 mph.

  25. mattread95 says:

    ur batty