Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : How To Do A Back Kick In Kempo Karate

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12 Responses to “Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : How To Do A Back Kick In Kempo Karate”

  1. circacheese says:

    he just feels it… 🙂

  2. cornishrob123 says:

    nice balance

  3. Rixi Spindel says:

    Those kicks won’t work! What you need to do is learn to move out.

  4. tmtooley86 says:

    your not supposed to look back when doing a back kick

  5. kamikaziu says:

    lol funny. This guy doesnt even look back where he kicks before he does it. Wtf? Felt enemy with a spider sense ?

  6. IxSacrificexI says:


  7. angelgirl1411 says:

    please help! again alost exactly like the kick (with the spin) in this video except i have to keep my leg behind me and as my upper body goes down my leg goes up. so please try to help me my next class is MONDAY!!!!!


  8. angelgirl1411 says:

    hi um…wow how do i say this? i have no idea wat the kick i need to learn is called but this was close 🙂 um i need your help in karate im taking classes and im having trouble with a kick i learned. OK it is sorta like how you did in the video. its like putting a spin on it except my upper body goes down and as that happens my leg is supposed to go more up into the air and im having real trouble with that (for some reason 🙁 ) and im not going to my karate classes cause i cant get this kick so

  9. RancoreX says:

    Some expert this guy is, I am also a 2nd degree in kenpo and have to say that chambering your leg in front of you in order to do a back kick is a waste and time. Instead bring your foot off the ground behind you already pointed at the target, lean forward and kick back to full extension in which the leg locks out, and retract.

  10. PiNkYaBsOlUt says:

    HAHAH WHAT MSG me on MSN. ID is in my profile. R

  11. kletig says:

    OMG he’s ACTUALLY going to stand sideways – jeez

  12. tep2005 says: