Any Participation Proposal Will Be Accepted

The World Karate Federation has been trying and pushing its bid to include karate in the Olympics 2020. The IOC has been planning to move from a sport to an event based system. According to the reports Antonio Espinos has said that this reform is most likely to hamper the chances of Karate to be included in the Olympic Games.

According to new proposals and regular reviews of the program, it will be based on the events rather than on the sports. This will restrict the maximum number of events to 310 for the summer games.

Antonio has put forth his concern regarding the same matter. If the recommendations and reviews that are being made is approved by the IOC and is passed in the session that is being held in Monaco, there is going to be huge drawback for them. The chances for Karate to get included as a new sport will get minimized. It will be a very unexpected thing and that it would be much more difficult now for them to get the job done. He has also said that they had thought that there will be new possibilities for new bidders to get through, however, now it was going to be nothing different and as difficult as before.

Antonio thinks that it would have been much better if the IOC would have made a reform to include and accommodate a few more events instead of the one it is. He feels that there is not enough space for the outsiders for the Olympic Games.

He has been optimistic and has continuously been saying that they would not be stopping to fight for what they have been trying for several years. The fight to be included in the Olympic Games is what they want and will always be a priority until it happens. They are ready to accept any possibility that will them a chance to be in Tokyo.

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