Best Karate Fights

Capable Karate Video Score: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Best Karate Fights”

  1. MrLuka666 says:

    Kenji Midori is the best!

  2. MrLuka666 says:

    wooooooo from where it came?!

  3. succhiamelo95 says:

    240p?What’s this?Africa?

  4. Hugo Novas says:

    I was in the last Karate tournement and i ended in 6 place

  5. karateellas says:

    *do you do?

  6. karateellas says:

    yes i understant my friend what style do you?

  7. 20nineaug94 says:

    this is kyokushin karate. its still like that.
    WKF are like shotokan, goju ryu and the rest.

    Point system speed game

  8. 20nineaug94 says:

    his good at sports kumite.
    but kyokushin is a whole different level.

  9. karateellas says:

    dimitris triantafilis( triantafyllis - highlights 1 )

  10. martialarts18 says:

    He’s the best fighter in WKF. And I have a lot of respect for him, but this is a new world with different a different twist. He would have to adapt.

  11. Made1nGreece says:

    @tripptytripper you bet it isn’t.. whoever says that karate is shit is just an ignorant idiot that knows nothing about martial arts

  12. tripptytripper says:

    karate aint shit!!!

  13. Siriuz64 says:

    nope… yip man sucks

  14. Dan17234 says:

    … Show some respect kid …

  15. Siriuz64 says:

    they would kick yip man’s tiny twat ass.

  16. jarrod1685 says:

    jin kazama WINS………XD

  17. forgottothink says:

    Got to love bare nuckled karate. LOL. Just like watching teken.

  18. 106Megg says:

    I’m not agree…The best Karate Fighters is Rafael Aghayev

  19. chispii393 says:

    great vid!! How i would wish i was as quick as they are xD its really incredible how neat and swiftly they do it..

  20. Mscatloveno1 says:

    oh my god , he’s very kool, i like 

  21. hicham1223 says:

    he is the best

  22. joelvis65 says:

    we are one – 12 stones

  23. stefca97 says:


  24. peanie2001 says:


  25. vhinz1118 says: