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Karate ‘N’ Motion Comes Back To Motion After The Tragedy

Karate ‘N’ Motion at NJ, Westfield is up and working after a tragedy that burnt down six stores along with Karate ‘N’ Motion at South Avenue on the 1st of September. The day that marks the Labor Day, was blotted with sorrow after a fire that started in the Karate ‘N’ Motion studio. Fortunately the […]

BJ Penn and Mike Dolce busy blaming each other for the heavy defeat

Jay Dee Penn better known as BJ Penn has recently retired from boxing. This came forth at the back of his defeat against Frankie Edgar. It was a technical knockout loss. The veteran looked out of sorts but he had put in a lot of effort to make his bout count in a weight category […]

Forrest Griffin is missing his old days

After watching Dan Henderson and Mauricio Rua fight for the second time in the previous weekend, Forrest Griffin who is a former retired UFC light heavyweight champion was hit by a strange awe which carried in it a feeling of sadness. He says that when he sees people like Shogun and Henderson fight then he […]

Boxing in India Needs To Be In The Hands Of Trustful Authorities

Angry with the blockage that is present in the Indian Boxing Federation, the International Boxing Association has ended the IBF from its crease uttering that the latest set of office bearers are spoiling the status, icon and importance of the sport. The AIBA whispered that he cannot take a correct judgment on how to hold […]

Hendricks wants to retire at Middleweight

Johnny Hendricks is set to go head to head against Robbie Lawler in March for a crack at the vacant Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Welterweight Championship, but according to the man himself, he would love to retire from the sport as a Middleweight fighter. Speaking in a recent interview, the burly Welterweight mentioned […]

Planning to Learn Martial Arts at Home?

If you are not satisfied at all with the martial art classes you have enrolled into and have the feeling that the instructor is advancing too slowly in the training just for the sake to get more money out of their lessons, you maybe give it a thought to learning martial arts at home. This […]