How to Break Wooden Boards — Karate Style

Capable Karate Video Rating: 4 / 5

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4 Responses to “How to Break Wooden Boards — Karate Style”

  1. SwordsAndBeer says:

    Sensei Cletus–there are so many self defense videos on YouTube. Aside from
    yours, how do I know which ones provide legitimate techniques that really

  2. Doug Lee says:

    Sensei Cletus – What techniques would be useful in the event of a zombie
    apocalypse since our opponents would be undead?

  3. rednecksensei says:

    These here World Wide Webs are the hive of liars, cheats, and thieves
    masquerading as martial arts masters. I reckon if their names ain’t Bruce
    Lee, Chuck Norris, or Cletus Quackenbush Sr. or Jr., their techniques ain’t
    gonna fly in a real fight. Don’t be fooled by karate masters who attempt to
    imitate me with fake mullets, neither. Stick to those ya know are true
    grandmasters, pardner.

  4. rednecksensei says:

    That there is an excellent question … and the subject of a future
    tutorial. Stay tuned, pardner!