How to do a GKR karate belt

Able Karate Video Rating: 3 / five

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7 Responses to “How to do a GKR karate belt”

  1. Emily Payne says:

    Thanks it was helpful

  2. Jose Wilfredo HERCULES GAL says:

    Thank u VERRY MUCH I learned how to tie it and I do East coast martial arts

  3. RogueBrit says:


  4. Exovlog Xoxogirl says:

    I know different places teaches different ways to tie a karate belt, but my
    sensei doesn’t teaches like that.

  5. connerkench11 says:

    I’m sorry to say but the arrow the wrong way meant to point down the line
    to give knowledge to the lower grades so you start under the left arm

  6. MillHill DOJO says:

    Well explained. I am a blink gkr sensei so obviously I already knew how to
    tie my belt, but this video was a great way of explaining how to tie the
    belt for new students etc, so well done 😉

  7. John prince says:

    Should know Sensai tells you how to.