How to Do a Karate Middle Block

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12 Responses to “How to Do a Karate Middle Block”

  1. keyswag3000allday says:

    thank i beat the crap out of my bullies

  2. rdfrds says:

    these karate masters are really helping me in my own karate.even if your
    not in karate this helps

  3. 123zoda says:

    nice!! no i know ?

  4. Lukethevideogamer says:

    LOVE THIS!!!!!! it helped alot!!! I could never really block a middle
    attack before!!

  5. warriorfire8103 says:

    @Koryuhoka Thank you for your response. I’ve posted this question at
    several locations and your the first to respond. I’m determined to learn
    uses for it

  6. NicLikePewds says:

    i wrist locked my friend

  7. Koryuhoka says:

    @warriorfire8103 – that’s a great observation! It show’s you are thinking.
    First thing you have to understand is that in Karate, there is no word
    “block”. The term used is UKE – (oo-keh) and it means RECEIVE, not block.
    Karate is a complete art which contains Grappling, same as you see in
    Jujutsu and Chinese arts. The technique called “middle block” is really a
    grappling technique, as are all the UKE techniques of Karate. This
    application for “middle block” is a very shallow application for it.

  8. warriorfire8103 says:

    I’m wondering. I’ve attended several schools but when I watch sparring or
    any form of free fighting, I rarely if ever see any karate fighter use this
    block or use them effectively. Even among practitioners who are by all
    means very good and have fought at the highest level of competition. Why is

  9. hghgyufguyfg says:

    your training partner isn’t hitting back so thats not gonna work on the
    street or in a tournament .

  10. hghgyufguyfg says:

    this is not karate man if you want to learn karate go learn shotokan karate

  11. sanandreas6 says:

    This sucks

  12. dakurlzz100 says:

    Karate is a good defense style against average street fights but against
    another person that knows martial arts its crap as a martial artist I find
    krav maga and systema to be the best self defense styles and ju juistu
    fanboys I don’t wanna hear it keep your Gracie speaches to yourself