How to Do Karate with Richard Amos | Karate Lessons

Able Karate Movie Rating: 5 / 5

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12 Responses to “How to Do Karate with Richard Amos | Karate Lessons”

  1. Safin says:

    Sensei Amos is a legend

  2. Topperz1000 says:

    Why fight a bjj expert???

  3. BeautifulDisasters70 says:

    Try fighting a bjj expert mr. Karate expert

  4. jamesfan10 says:

    I just got back from martial arts. 😛 We do karate. 😀

  5. nitin kushwah says:

    its sucks !!!!:_{{{{{

  6. Marcus Osmolinski says:


  7. Rookiesgraffiti says:

    Whats the how to?

  8. tchanabc says:

    Holy crap, i know him! 😀

  9. jorgitocheat says:


  10. cutcc says:

    Must be a cool life. ^_^

  11. HeadHunta1371 says:


  12. 01Pseudonym says:

    you’re not first