How to do Wing Chun Kung Fu Level 2: Lesson 4 “Pull Drill 1” HD

Capable Karate Video Ranking: four / 5

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25 Responses to “How to do Wing Chun Kung Fu Level 2: Lesson 4 “Pull Drill 1” HD”

  1. R4R397 says:

    Seemd a bit emotional at end wen he talk bout donation´╗┐ lol. Great vids tho ­čÖé

  2. MrRAIDR912 says:

    i want to learn this i love it.. i wish i had a slow mo button.. but on another cant look at him and say u dont believe that africans did´╗┐ not migrate to seriously

  3. DTProtoss says:

    google it´╗┐ =P

  4. salgado086 says:

    Good Lessons´╗┐ Master Wong!

  5. seacadetdude101 says:

    Where do you take his´╗┐ lessons

  6. genpacmac says:

    its´╗┐ so good love practicing it !!

  7. KingAddimus says:

    I’ve studied wing´╗┐ chun since I was little. My father wanted me to be able to defend myself since I was always gonna be short. Bruce Lee was tough and shorter than most guys so he picked Mr. Lee’s base style for me…… Learned it well but was told by my mentor and sifu to not use it unless needed or in trying to instruct others. Hasn’t failed me yet.

  8. AsG1989 says:

    I think he might have meant wing chun pwns other styles of kung fu ? if not then hes stupid. But I do agree wing chun is the most´╗┐ logical rational style there is. You dont learn anything that isnt useful in a real street fight, no movements in wing chun are forced..only the most effecient attacks are used.

  9. AfrojacX says:

    Wing Chun IS Kung Fu. There are a bunch´╗┐ of different styles of Kung Fu.

  10. legendarystar11 says:

    Wing chun pwns kung fu.´╗┐

  11. AfrojacX says:

    Taekwondo to me is´╗┐ similar to karate, and karate isn’t even worth a capital letter. Kung Fu ftw.

  12. enlargemedia says:

    poor guy get push then pulled´╗┐

  13. SuperGlonT says:

    “Ok Thank you For That”´╗┐ IMAO

  14. wwwkacrccom says:

    mantap´╗┐ gan

  15. phanable1 says:

    i wanna hear the white guy´╗┐

  16. kayaavaki says:

    Asian women´╗┐ on the street

  17. sdfgsdgsdfgsdg says:

    Benchmark for naughty women dating´╗┐

  18. Cannibalizer93 says:

    Thanks a lot for your time! i finish school in 7-8 months,but i want´╗┐ to try wing chun sooner than that,so those lessons are great.You are a great person ­čÖé

  19. faerydhhlo says:

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  20. Premonitor says:

    3:10 poor´╗┐ jim didn’t expected that pull xDDD

  21. potkor says:

    This video is a response to CHUCK NORRIS TALKS ABOUT BRUCE LEE rofl xD´╗┐

  22. eskakel says:

    think about it…..´╗┐

  23. Catalyst2 says:

    My Wing Chun teacher had his vertabrate pulled out by a´╗┐ student when practicing this exercise i.e. the lap sau and snatch. He was ruined for life from that point onwards. YOU MUST TREAT THIS EXERCISE WITH GREAT CARE!!! As you say M W, ‘ PLAY SAFE!!!’. Last time someone seen my Sifu (great guy) he was fat and untrained. A sad ending to a great human!! Peace and safety!!

  24. Torsdinator says:

    Takewondo is actually´╗┐ from Korea. But seriously, you can’t compare martial art. But if the training is better/more effective for you, then you should pick it. It isn’t the martial art that will fight for you.

  25. pcf180 says:

    You can’t really compare them because Kung Fu is´╗┐ from China, with Chinese principles, and Tae Kwon Do is from Japan with Japanese principles.