How to do Wing Chun Lesson 18:basic blocking combo drill/ blocking a straight punch, hook & uppercut

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24 Responses to “How to do Wing Chun Lesson 18:basic blocking combo drill/ blocking a straight punch, hook & uppercut”

  1. Donsim22 says:

    k, im probably going to do both, thanks for the advise though.

  2. xxxfirehuunterxxx says:

    to be honest, you would have to try them both out to find out which one suits you, i do wing chun and jeet kune do and the both suit me, wing chun is for close combat fighting, and krav maga is known to be the most brutal fighting methods ever, i would go with wing chun but what ever you think you will be best at, do it

  3. Donsim22 says:

    i had my first wing chun lesson today, i enjoyed and want to continue, do you think is good for street fight defense. I was thinking about krav maga as well..

  4. xxxfirehuunterxxx says:

    wooden dummy is good for practicing techniques and mastering drills, but the wooden dummy does not fight back…

  5. Donsim22 says:

    but what about when you are at home and you want to practice, maybe you can use the wooden dummy……….

  6. xxxfirehuunterxxx says:

    you can never train a martial art without someone to help you, people that want to learn should have a partner willing to learn too…

  7. AsG1989 says:

    I highly suggest replaced the tan sau (hook block) with a bui sao. (same thing as tan but using the outside of the arm, much better)

  8. arminas989 says:

    where I live martial arts are considered a joke, all the best fights are basicly roided up boxers its pathetic, finding a partner to help with my wing chun training has proven very difficult

  9. jManNative says:

    @transparent101 me too! I have all the moves down

  10. royalOboy says:

    vid title is too long

  11. jared0801 says:

    I really appreciate the videos, you’re a great teacher, but your stupid on demand program has managed to make my computer freeze up and crash multiple times now…

  12. TheDareCraft says:

    poor partner, must be crying in another room after the video

  13. nameyouwont4get says:

    lmao my butt off at Jins’ reaction at 1:33, it was out of respect but it’s funny.

  14. wwekickme79 says:

    His head is so shiny that the sun won’t cum out

  15. TheDylan1234 says:

    same lol me haha

  16. planetlucaz says:

    a blonde partner!

  17. XxBL00DLiNe56Xx says:

    I train vwith a invisible partner same thing.

  18. GoldenFroProductions says:

    @ImTheCard Look up Skyrim arrow to the knee

  19. OzZyPeAce4all says:

    buy some hooker

  20. kcrockett8969 says:

    i used to practice wing chun……..then i took a arrow in the knee

  21. sickness324 says:

    Beauty of wing chun is versatility. If Gum Sao works better for you then use it! But these, I think, are just a few basic defense ideas.

  22. diglan78 says:

    I agree

  23. SeraphimFaith says:

    Footwork is important in any art. Actually, I would go so far to say that everything learnt along the way *is* important, but as your legs are the foundation upon which everything is set on, footwork should be emphasized on in the beginning.
    The Biu Ma (Arrow/Darting Horse), the Huen Ma (Circle Horse) and the Juen Ma are three of the most basic footwork.

  24. SeraphimFaith says:

    Er yeah…I was replying to your top-rated comment above.

    There’s nothing wrong training alone, but it’s always best to train under guidance in the beginning.