How to do Wing Chun Lesson 4: basic leg exercise /moving forward changing sides

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25 Responses to “How to do Wing Chun Lesson 4: basic leg exercise /moving forward changing sides”

  1. ohwhatacereal says:

    i am taking as many notes as possible on paper before i actually slip into physical practitioning.
    writing things down( more than once) helps reiterate the concept and not only can you perform it physically, but you can explain it as well.
    and being able to put the method into words is a very great help.

  2. ohwhatacereal says:

    the hand that is to be placed forward extends outward past the retreating arm?

  3. anythingnew says:

    Hey! We do those leg movements in Kenpo Karate, too lol.

  4. anythingnew says:

    No, do not share this art with everyone. Most people lack intellectual humility and empathy and they’ll just abuse it.

  5. Felioves says:

    stand wid ya fit liek diz

  6. 01fg says:

    can anybody tell me that is there any wing chun school in Lahore pakistan

  7. Likebaws says:

    Shut up fucktard, how about you yourself making a video in a foreign language..

  8. KinerexShiomi says:

    These videos are superb, and your persona is enlightening. The only problem is, I dont know if Im making any mistakes with my movements so it kind of gets frustrating not knowing. I love these videos and cannot wait until I get past the starting drills.

  9. Sofisaresosofas says:

    With this poticular excercise

  10. reuelckj says:

    LOL WTF?

  11. reuelckj says:

    Keep doing it until you understand/master it.

  12. awesomekpopguy1010 says:

    Thank you master Wong but you do not say when to stop doing that exercise and move on to the next video how much/times should we do it then watch the next vid????????????????

  13. gambleyourhealth says:

    what are you going to do, look at his feet the whole time?
    Its a simultaneous movement. If you see his foot move, you have already been hit.

  14. griqs says:

    he said “and then again” o.0 df…

  15. iJsnful says:

    you dissin’ his accent? Try his language fag

  16. cw4navy says:

    but he kills you in 1 hit, believe me ;)

  17. pikujhgjkjhg says:

    what is free u mean YouTube

  18. ZhongChineseLong says:

    Thanks your great! And it’s free too! *FREE* Thats rare

  19. mw2prestigeninja says:

    Everyone add to favorite hes videos so he can get more views! Spear this message to all! Thumbs up!

  20. robin8815 says:

    if he moves the tows first and than he moves the hole legg i will know when he wanna punch me and i will do something about it. dont move you fets first and than the boddy look att his feets they are moving side to side, he has to move them straight forward ahh what evver someone take his belt plz..

  21. paSanKPsaranGa says:

    Wow….i am also learning whin chun in sri lanka……Nice art of fighting…great…..thnx master wong…..

    check this out…

  22. stressformurder says:

    Am i the only one that was saying manah muh na or however you spell it, every time he said and then again? Just go to 0:43…you’ll know what i mean

  23. jangta309 says:

    thanks Master Wong, you rock! 😀

  24. deeoog2 says:

    is the weight always in the back leg

  25. farrelstfn says:

    you won’t learn it well if you just watch and do.. you need a teacher or sifu to learn it