How to do Wing Chun Lesson 41: Blocking a variety of punches

Able Karate Video clip Score: four / 5

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22 Responses to “How to do Wing Chun Lesson 41: Blocking a variety of punches”

  1. Néstor Lagos Osses says:

    bla bla bla

  2. john nicolas says:


  3. john nicolas says:

    you’re right.
    don’t fuckin’ around
    the tone of fuck around
    listen to asshole
    that’s all funny

  4. TheEnlightened23 says:

    LOL! I wasn’t gunna say nothin

  5. UNITDW says:

    0:18 This is when you fuck up mentality LOL!

  6. MrSend2hell says:

    thanks for the lesson ^_^

  7. onlyarno says:

    agreed, disciplines like kung fu have been around for several hundreds of years (thousands?) and wing chun also (probably not nearly as long).  so i’m sure those disciplines can easily overcome today’s mma or whichever.

  8. OuTRage99 says:

    fukkn the best man!!!

  9. Mehmet Can Karakaya says:

    box is sport, kickbox is sport but Wing chun is a life style

  10. SuperAspergersMan says:

    :20 fuck up mentality

  11. truepowerlord says:

    Think properly so you can save ur ass one day LOL he sounds like a marine officer

  12. rider5000G says:

    i agree with the ZUFFA part of your comment,but doesnt the rest of what you say back my point??

  13. ChanceC5 says:

    I agree. MMA doesn’t train you to take on multiple attackers or how to defend against a knife attack. It like what master Wong says “Keep a open mind” anything can happen out in the real world.

  14. lwklwk111 says:

    1.39 i’m not gonna bust his stupid fucking face here. XD

  15. lwklwk111 says:

    this guy likes to say the f word XD

  16. Capoknin says:

    u can do it w/o a partner… you can try out your own styles but personally i get great results from envisioning i had a partner in front of me, much like shadow boxing

  17. DaPhilthyDog says:

    His cursin’ makes you want to pay attention!

  18. montrice112 says:

    Favorite word “fuken ” lol

  19. RiListyle says:

    hahahahah 1:39
    i’m not gonna bust his stupid fucking face yet!

  20. MrAnimealways says:

    i know im not the only 1 to hear him curse like 9 times lol

  21. animefun12 says:


  22. PLAY8OY11 says:

    ip man 2 last fight
    vs. the boxing guy