How to do Wing Chun Lesson 49: Block, cover and triple punch (Pad work)

Able Karate Movie Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “How to do Wing Chun Lesson 49: Block, cover and triple punch (Pad work)”

  1. noregrettvb says:

    how do we contact him?

  2. goldenkill4 says:

    actually ummm it went great even tho this fight was like 4 months ago, i started to also take taekwondo classes. But as for the fight i destroyed i did um actually this lesson on him. But now me and him are kinda cool 😀

  3. kennikenliu2 says:

    how did it go? lol

  4. goldenkill4 says:

    I think im ready to fight this kid at school tommorow whos been bothering me for a very long ass time

  5. vambylamby83 says:

    So as I Giablo

  6. Giablo1 says:

    i hate not having a damn partner. :/

  7. AfrojacX says:

    You must be a karateka.

  8. Orgil Adrastos says:

    wha happen to duh pachikula lesson?

  9. leiefilm says:

    @hakim0436 Well that might be but there’s always the x factor

  10. 63v0r9 says:


  11. Ninitos1 says:

    what if we still dont understand?

  12. dark27itim says:


    If you dont understand this
    -Jíshǐ wǒ bùshì yīgè zhōngguó yǒng chūn quán wǒ ài zhōngguó! Fēicháng xǐhuan, wǒ de ǒuxiàng, wǒ chóngbài yè wèn nǐ huáng shīfu. Wǒ shì yī míng fēilǜbīn wǒ zhǐshì fānyì běn. Wǒ de míngzì shì zǎi Darice

  13. LilyBlhac says:

    Hot sexy ladies from Thailand for marry

  14. Zane Carmichael says:

    When Fighting master wong, his ass kicks you!

  15. johnnybravo937 says:

    respect to your master

  16. leiefilm says:

    i’M NO EXPERT.far from it but sounds like your on to something.It has always been one of the things that bug me with MA.they always tell you what piosition the oponent will take

  17. ishadani says:

    i practice wing chun ten years ago. and the idea, the method and the spirit in this video is amazing.
    thanks you a lot for all the knowledge you spread.

  18. nomercyolan says:

    is there any chance to work without a partener? cant find any -.-

  19. PRPWR says:

    No I don’t believe its cockiness, Wing Chun really is THAT fast! I don’t believe opponents are weak at all. In fact, I like to spar with guys that are bigger than me to practice! I can’t go head to head with them because I’m not huge but that’s why I use angles, speed, and of course the centerline to rain hell! Hahaha, All Martial Arts should be respected and all martial arts have the potential to be devastating!!!

  20. mr3ggroll says:

    wing chun is just too damm cocky. they act like the opponent is so weak and slow.

  21. johnnylynnlee says:

    in a real fight, no matter your fuckin´posture, i think. what´s matter the fuckin position of your hands? a real combat have no form, like the water, bruce lee said. and how the water in the sea is always in movement, never static.

  22. dramsrle says:

    awesome teacher

  23. apajalah88 says:

    I love wing chun!!!!
    Thx alot for wan to sharing n alot of technique…

  24. shuyin131 says:

    I liked this lesson a lot. He demonstrated what you do when someone will jab you and immediately pull their arm back (boxers). I’ve seen other demonstrations of how to deal with a grab, one of them was from Phillip Redmond and he did not explain this adequately. Sifu Wong is the best!!!

  25. sedyo100 says:

    He has chosen the best student to be his partner. He won’t do that do a newb student and I think all SiFu will never do that unless his partner is ready.