How to do Wing Chun Lesson 52: Punch drill with front kick

Capable Karate Video Ranking: four / five

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25 Responses to “How to do Wing Chun Lesson 52: Punch drill with front kick”

  1. Xannezen says:

    Near level 2, perseverance!

  2. royalOboy says: close to level 2 and still no partner…

  3. goldenkill4 says:


  4. KZLxDYI7VGxKZL says:

    that will be…. laaataaaa… *epic grin*

  5. iman1477 says:

    soooooooo gooooooooooooooooood

  6. vambylamby83 says:

    After watching so many Master Wong and Jim’s demonstration video, this is the 1st video that I found that there no one dislike the video!

  7. truepowerlord says:

    He said when you kick you get a nice feeling in your body.It just feels so good.WTF

  8. 3FatesLive says:

    i love how he just tells the kid to get lost after his finished (:

  9. MrSanrk says:

    one more kick and the blond guy is dead

  10. drewandproductions says:

    …and then I’ll show you what REAL chi sao is…..but don’t worry about that yet!

  11. purgatorygoddess says:

    Patty cake 😀

  12. pjkiger says:

    Bravo Sifu Wong!

  13. xia0dai97 says:

    i feel so sorry for jim 🙁

  14. Carrion29 says:

    Rofl poor Jim! First time Master Wong kicked him the veins on his neck actually popped out! Give this guy a Chuck Norris survival badge! 😀

  15. jokerXL512 says:

    “That will be. . . later!” I laughed out loud because he’s so excited about it and has to resist so hard to avoid going on a tangent about it!

  16. ianidinuse says:

    Ip Man uses this move in the Ip Man series of movies 😀

  17. qanaf2 says:


  18. kooyhma says:

    it joe Funny.

  19. destroyallhumans4 says:

    Sifu wong makes me lol hard. In an ealier episode he was like “and this turns him, and then BOOM, i kill his face!!”

    It’s funny hearing a respectable martial arts teacher swear also =p

  20. shuyin131 says:

    lol I love how he teased everyone with Chi Sao and implying that when he finally teaches us it’s gonna be the shit and better than everyone’s Chi Sao training haha

  21. gofojibwas says:

    this guy rocks

  22. themachinegunn says:

    i want some of what hes on

  23. kajukenbo12321 says:

    chop grab boom! haha

  24. slimshodi says:

    Yeah, poor Jim!

  25. 3wr33k says:

    52 videos into it now, i wonder if Jim is sore under those pads. Thanks again to Wong and Jim for their excellent demonstrations. 5 stars for video quality, excellent camerawork and sound, and for Wong’s no nonsense teaching style. These videos raise the bar for youtube and for ourselves, so train hard because that’s the only way to show respect to these guys for what they’ve done for us.