how to karate chop a piece of wood

Able Karate Online video Score: 4 / five

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24 Responses to “how to karate chop a piece of wood”

  1. Jake Newbill says:

    Your so gay 

  2. Fresh Music says:

    This is false 1.Man can NEVER cut off a finished the boarding of the
    position you have to kneel down take one arm around your head and the other
    under your arm or you can use your knuckles or elbow or foot 2.Dit board
    returns an incorrect ..

  3. Blake Pfannenstein says:

    you pre cut the board im in karate ive broken 2 boards and the boards arnt
    that thick you would break your hand if you were doing that motion, and for
    that thick of a board you would have to do it with your palm

  4. Kittycatmat123 says:

    I think it was already cut before he hit it

  5. classicgameplaynut says:

    u guys need to calm down. its just some kid trying to make a cool video.
    plus its pretty convincing considering the fact that he’s like only 9

  6. Mike Zilla says:

    If you hit the wood with the grain, it’s really easy to break. I know
    martial artists are famous for doing this, but it’s essentially a parlor
    trick and just about anybody can do it.

  7. jaqua flausa says:

    It’s weird how the crack is so straight. And how there was no dust coming
    out of the wood O_o

  8. Jack Russel says:

    Haha this kid trying to think he’s expert, by chopping a piece of wood
    wow!! Not literally anybody can do this and he’s acting like ohh you brake
    your fingers if you do it there… OBVIOUSLY! Dude i’m probably better than
    you and i’m 13 years old, i’ll karate chop your head off bro…

  9. raymond untalan says:

    No offense but that was bad i saw a crack on the wood

  10. Wackwepons says:

    That is fake as heck dude I could see the glue and would doesn’t break in a
    perfect cut it splinters

  11. MusicalActress2001 says:

    I did it and I’m twelve 🙂 I’m getting tested for my green belt in karate
    in 2 weeks

  12. nitrousoxided says:

    didnt look like he hit it hard 😛

  13. Kaley Kryptonite says:

    There’s a crack in the wood. Aha.

  14. Salvador Rodriguez says:

    Dude its possible, I did it in karate and I’m 14. Just focus on a point
    directly below the wood but above the floor. You want your hammer fist to
    get to that point. Don’t flinch our slow down or you’ll end up hurting
    yourself. The speed and power should make it quick and painless. Yelling
    “Oose” helps you gain strength, but you have to scream it very loud and
    quickly to give you energy upon impact.

  15. Kong Thao says:

    Looks pretty easy to chop a piece of wood with your hands

  16. animovie1 says:

    Dear mr jack russel. Dude no offense, im 13 too and to be honest hitting
    wood in the grain is super easy. so i suppose you could say that i am an
    expert. Although hitting the wood incorrectly can damage the soft bone and
    muscell tissue surrounding the fingers, As i said in the video. So please
    upload a video of you showing us how its really done. (-:

  17. luis acevedo says:


  18. jaqua flausa says:

    No splinters too o_O

  19. thekalakid says:

    Mushroom head ahhhh!!!!

  20. YMU15 says:


  21. marc urngaming says:

    Sooo fake

  22. Salvador Rodriguez says:

    Also try to hit the center so it breaks easier and you have to have your
    right leg bend and up and your back leg’s knee on the floor like him. But
    his looks fake cause he yes knife hand but it chops I. Half horizontally
    not vertically

  23. Graham Fay says:

    Too fake loser

  24. classicgameplaynut says:

    shit we got a badass 13 yr old here