how to kick by seido karate 4 times champ 正道・大渡博之流ミドルキック

Able Karate Movie Rating: 3 / 5

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21 Responses to “how to kick by seido karate 4 times champ 正道・大渡博之流ミドルキック”

  1. MaharlikaAWA says:

    Muay Thai does not own those kicks. Karate, Kickboxing, even Taekwondo has them in their curriculum for martial arts.

  2. MaharlikaAWA says:

    I wish the cameraman would have shown his feet while he kicked as well.

  3. pmaentst says:

    Excellent Muay Thai kick! I can’t believe some folks here didn’t notice-hes using a muay thai leg & body kick…actually head kick as well! Awsum vid I’ve seen in awile.

  4. cryingindian says:

    k1 isnt a martial art genius

  5. cryingindian says:

    god you’re a gimp

  6. MegasaurusfiftyDollars says:

    smart ass are you? so ok that guy is only 4 times world champion and who the hell are u?

  7. goku8963 says:

    ok kick i say this because im more of a beliver in teqnique than full on power this is more of a thai kick style its not as defined/refined. however im not sayinging it isnt good but just not my style of kicking. he could get more power out of it if he pivoted more and flexed his leg at point of impact but insted he is loose throught kick and dosent pivot enough. just my opinion.

  8. Max Powers says:

    um…k1 isnt a martial art

  9. L0A0N0A0 says:

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  10. Stefano Cerza says:


  11. Imam Elahi says:

    THis guy won his K-1 Debut by KO
    They call him the toughest salaryman

    Whoever talks shit, shut up
    Whoever gives him props – that’s what’s up

  12. rahul guru says:

    do you know anything abt karate. Idiot dont just say things that comes to your head. Karate is know for its powerful kicks and punches where kungfu is know for its speed

  13. 99847211 says:

    (×゚д゚)у―~~It sounds good !!

  14. gdthurston1 says:

    he is pivoting on his non kicking foot slightly, but not like in thai boxing because he is not kicking fully through the target like they do in thai boxing, still more than a point karate practitioner would but karate style kicks focus more on speed than power (not to say a karate guy couldnt knock you out with a kick) so they do not kick all the way through the target therefore have to commit less with their non kicking foot, so it looks a little different, but he is not kicking wrong

  15. gdthurston1 says:

    as far as dropping his hands, karate practitioners actually tend to keep their hands higher, but still use a trigger hand somewhat for power (dropping the same arm as the kicking leg in order to swing your entire body into the kick, primarily used in muay thai), people who think your going to have both your hands glued to your jaw at all times have no idea what they are talking about

  16. martialartsjamaica says:

    In a perfect world we all don’t keep our hands high enough or pivot enough. But this isn’t a perfect world. Every champion droops their hand a bit or doesn’t pivot enough. hell Muay Thai fighters don’t keep their hands high enough when they kick. To me his technique is quite fine. He’s demonstrating the kick.

  17. Goldgamer7 says:

    seems like he is not pivoting his non kicking foot. he could damage his hip like that..

  18. zenwonder says:

    this is nice but are the arms supposed to stay up and guard the head even when you kick. what if you kick and drop your arms (like video above) and your opponent returns a head punch?

  19. pablo ramírez says:

    good video
    very good

    from chile

  20. nefersakhmet9 says:

    interesting but can we have the english subtitle? I did seido and I still understand only parts of it. 😛 domo arigato and osu 🙂

  21. falsepride says: