How to Pick a Karate School | Karate Lessons

Capable Karate Movie Score: 3 / five

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16 Responses to “How to Pick a Karate School | Karate Lessons”

  1. Brieanna Star says:

    remind me to unsubscribe LIKE IF YOU AGREE

  2. theblakedestroyer says:

    karate is one of the leaast afective martial arts it is made to look good
    but it is not good in actual fighting

  3. Alondra R. says:

    – What you will need : a computer yourself

  4. TheHSOMSY says:

    ok dude it does matter about the mrtaial arts like karate kung fu you ight
    keep getting a new belt because you know the katas but moustly it depents
    on your self

  5. funkybub says:

    Shouldn’t they just go to the janitor?

  6. Magur says:

    Georges St. Pierre and Lyoto Machida both started with Karate. It’s good.

  7. melonbarmonster says:

    You go to school and challenge their master. If you can beat him in a
    fight, look for new school.

  8. Tii Youu says:

    After that cheerleading and period shit from before, I think this wagers
    unsubscribing. Wait, why did I even subscribe in the first place?

  9. slickl07 says:

    You will need: A basic understanding of “Eenny Meeny Minney Mo”.

  10. dantechava91 says:

    Karate is just like any other martial art, it just so happens it’s one of
    the most complete, it contains punching ,kicking, and takedowns and
    submission maneuvers. It’s NOT a mixed martial art.

  11. Larry Hartz says:

    ugh, i couldve explained this better stoned…

  12. Dtrollmancan says:

    Say that to Lioto Machida

  13. antster297 says:

    it’s not good martial arts. K you know what you’re talking about.

  14. georgehaloboy says:

    how to choose a karate school really, this is just getting so stupid now.

  15. Siberian Khanate says:

    Make sure the instructor is an East Asian, you never know until it’s too

  16. John Everyman says:

    The howcast really needs to stop making videos just for the sake of making
    videos. I was subscribed for a long time but this channel has just gotten
    worse and clearly quantity has taken over quality. As of now unsubscribed