How to Pick Karate Lessons for Kids | Karate Lessons

Capable Karate Video Score: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to “How to Pick Karate Lessons for Kids | Karate Lessons”

  1. Dynasty889 says:

    If you don’t like Karate, why the hell did you click the video. And I do
    Karate, and I love it. It teaches you self-defense and much more.

  2. Ricardo Durão says:


  3. joe says:

    papper= indian spice that easily molds

  4. Dylan Medeiros says:

    How dumb are u lol

  5. Sk8Mania says:

    afs q porra ele fica falando por 2:23 uma lingua nem entendo e n tem
    nenhuma luta pra ter um pouco de graça.

  6. Kassie Troncoso says:

    I was first to like this vid yayyy

  7. Md Firdaus Abdul Lamir says:

    why do you say karate is bullshit

  8. jackson5arecool says:

    why the hell did i watch this

  9. Scout Norris says:

    u dont need classes to learn karate……..

  10. Animega OOD says:

    you no Baka…..

  11. FilipinoCombatArms says:


  12. FARSOKELLOS says:


  13. joe says:

    no one fucking like this its not intresting okay?? make something like how
    to make a papper handguun

  14. FARSOKELLOS says:

    cause the karate teachers take the parents money so that the kids can punch
    the air ! and at the and the kids dont know how to beat someone … i know
    a couple of guys that they were going 6 years and they didnt have stamina
    nor the strength and i saw that when they came to try out tae box

  15. zsupersaiyan says:

    I think they have this kind of video……

  16. FARSOKELLOS says:

    how many years have you been going .. and and what will you do if someone
    glitches you or elbow you ? are you even allowed to punch on the face ?

  17. Md Firdaus Abdul Lamir says:

    if you don’t like karate why do you watch this video!And i do karate i like
    it cause it teach us self defense

  18. wahnet1 says:

    what the all it was bla bla bla bla no karate moves im better at karate
    then u mate then i didnt know that karate is bla bla i thought u move huh
    thumbs up if its true

  19. Jokuki9 says:

    They punch the air because they know they’re so strong, that if they
    punched someone or something they’d break them in half.

  20. gokuta333 says:

    youtube search it and make it yourself.

  21. jayykayyinc says:

    U dont need karate all u need is a broken bottle and a razor blade in ur
    pocket u win

  22. Md Firdaus Abdul Lamir says:

    thats why you say karate bullshit

  23. FARSOKELLOS says:

    karate is bullshit ! take your kids to some other martial art like tae box
    or something . you spent your money so your kid can punch the air ?