Momo Shimizu, a Japanese youngster, has showed that age is never a barrier to success.

Shimizu aged just 12 years went on to defeat someone twice her age in about that divided the fight world.Shimizu came off victorious in the fight against Momoko Yamasaki, her 24 year old opponentat Deep Jewels 16 overnight.

It was almost an easy win for her as she needed just one round to assert her dominance over her opponent and win the fight by submission.

Successfully shrugging off some early kicks from her opponent, Shimizu initiated the clinch and with Yamasaki falling to the floor, the youngster keyed in to the opportunity, taking her back before performing a rear-naked choke.

Shimizu held on her move till the end of the first round. Jumping in, the referee checked on Yamasaki and had no other option than to end the fight and declare Shimizu the winner when it became clear that the older opponent was out cold.

Thus Shimizu was handed the win on her amateur MMA debut. The fight was announced last month and amateur rules were put in place. Strikes to the head on the ground were prohibited and the fighters were to wear headgear.

However, a lot of people were aghast at the idea, and the fight received a huge backlash as a lot of fight commentators were disgusted that a child would be allowed to fight against a professional adult.

The defeated Yamasaki is a professional fighter who now has a career record of 2-4. Deep Jewels who promoted the fight has it that she was bullied while in junior high school. Thus she became a street fighter before making her way to the MMA

For Shimizu, the much known about her is that she trains at the Hakuhinkai Karate gym, one which has produced quite a number of Japanese fighters.

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