Jesse Cowell World Oyama Karate new highlights video

Able Karate Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Jesse Cowell World Oyama Karate new highlights video”

  1. Jeskid says:

    @SpartanGraffiti Thanks dude! OSU!

  2. Jeskid says:

    @sempaimike16 Thank you Mike. OSU!

  3. SpartanGraffiti says:

    good video man! good fights!!! OSU!!!

  4. sempaimike16 says:

    OSU Jesse. You impress the fighters in the world and myself. Keep going and then you belong with the elite fighters at the top in full contact karate. Best greetings from berlin, Germany.
    In respect and honor

  5. alexirma21 says:

    @shoges67 the name is uchi-mawashi geri!!!it’s a very good kick and most of times it’s a knock out kick!!!i love seeing Andy Hug(RIP) doing that kick………OSU!

  6. shoges67 says:

    what is the name of the technique at 1:20? I hope to one day be able to land one during my next tournament.

  7. mulerocco says:

    The best kyokushin fighters are from Japan ,Russia ,Brasil and Bulgaria

  8. JamesLeeNunchaku says:

    soundtrack: requim for a dream

  9. TheLostNomads says:

    oh yeah!

  10. JamesLeeNunchaku says:

    Hi, I think you are awesome and I love the music of you’r video and I would like to know the name of this music
    I am yellow belt of karate, nearly orange, and I am one of you’r biggest fans ^^

  11. BoxersNewYork says:

    Nice video Jesse. I remember your fight with Hakim as if it were yesterday. No one could fly like you.You were a pleasure to watch and a gentleman to train with.

    Michael Hayes
    Oyama / Kanrekai
    Formally / Boxers Bar & Grill

  12. alickh says:

    This is Alick (Alex). If this Robin from Canada? I think we had a few matches here and there. How are things going?

  13. amrmaitre says:


    are you mohamed hakim if yes we can also do a video of all your great knockout that you did in the US

    Robin canadian light weight

  14. Jeskid says:

    @sapporo01 AH Sorry Hide I missed this message. As for karate – I can do some of it but computers and movies have replaced kicks and punches as of late! Yes karate has been amazing especially in terms of focus. You fought well back then and should be congratulated. Good luck with capturing those crooks and hope you are great.

  15. powerof0ne says:

    I love this clip. wish you would post on kyokushin4life more often but understand you’re busy!

  16. LinkinPark198902 says:

    Damn, very good video

  17. Pajik008 says:

    Song? 🙂 N1 video ! Respect !

  18. spartan349 says:

    holy shit is that really you

  19. sapporo01 says:

    Osu, this is Hide(he-day) from former B’ham uchideshi. Can you still fight like this video clip? I can’t fight any more..too Need back to training…
    Well I became police officer and Defensive Tactics instructor. Oyama karate is still help my career and life. I bet your experience and training helping your life too.
    I am lucky, I don’t have to fight with you any Thanks for good fight!


  20. coverman222 says:

    @abrahamthunder32 I’ll be fighting in this tournament too. It’s my first one. Hope I get to see you there.

  21. Jeskid says:

    Would have been an amazing knockdown fight in our twenties. Glad to have avoided ya 🙂

  22. alickh says:

    Jes. Brings back old times. Glad I managed to avoid the highlight vid : ) I loved the footage of you fighting Hakim!

  23. luyendao says:

    Very nice Jes! Keep your hands up and energy forward when u kick so ur next move is prepped!

  24. Jeskid says:

    Thx man – I did my best 🙂

  25. Jeskid says:

    Of course I remember you. Thx for the kind words. 12 years later I am sure you would kill me 🙂 Feel free to send a message with your contact info if you want to catch up dood!