Joey Karate – A Trained Assassin – Anderson Silva – Episode 0001

Able Karate Video clip Score: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Joey Karate – A Trained Assassin – Anderson Silva – Episode 0001”

  1. MrLeeMaCsTUBE says:

    eye lol ever single time i watch this clip o joey

  2. tbnice1966 says:

    is that a small circle jujitsu patch ???

  3. g0vner says:

    a cuban black balt! HAHA

  4. GzeeMatchews says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA oh dear god joey diaz. you are amazing

  5. ClearwaterMMA says:

    When this guy goes camping the Bears hide food from him

  6. 15chinitos says:

    He is kind of overweight but he can kick anyones ass

  7. jonnyeriksson says:

    coco motherfucking diaz for president

  8. johnnierotten1 says:

    hahaha fuckin classic

  9. SomeKindOfMadman says:

    “I train in the jungle with savages, not these little fuckers flying through the air…” hilarious; there is never a dull moment with Mad Flavor!

  10. Pizzam4n says:

    Train by day, Joe Rogan podcast by night. All Day.*

  11. XTheLieR says:

    put him between ur boobies?

  12. JR113FTW says:

    even if he is overweight he would fuck some shit up with his knowledge

  13. GOLDswizz says:

    Forest Wittiker lamo!

  14. wafeman17 says:

    you said italian but he’s cuban…im just saying, dude.

  15. derangius says:

    who cares

  16. wafeman17 says:


  17. Filiolus says:

    hey fucko, you understand me

  18. ConanTheAntFarmer says:

    This guy is awesome. I have his book, The Tao of the way of the intercepting the attack. I read it once, challenged Rickson Gracie to a lumberjack match steele cage match to the death and won. After the match Rickson awarded me a 10th degree red belt in Tai Chi Jutsu Jun Fan Dango.

  19. brown5261 says:

    Next week we’re gonna cover stretching and flying through the fucking air

  20. derangius says:

    An Italian kung-fu panda.

  21. MrTwat144 says:

    20 inch reach lol 

  22. 4nubiS says:

    Rufus from Street Fighter 4!

  23. lordwirt338244 says:

    oh gawd i wana see him fly through the air!

  24. theturntablehermit says:

    Lol Joey Karate!…Showing off the skills! (I was brought here by the JRE)

  25. jhodson91 says:

    funniest man alive.