Karate Participants Get Sponsored For The World Championships

Karate has a noble side to it that can spark dreams in young people.

One such instance is Joburg where karate kids were sponsored to take their talents to greater heights.

A karate kid from Johannesburg could well be on his way to the World Championships. Eldorado Park is the name of the kid who might be able to take part in the world tournament in karate which will be held in Germany. This is being made possible by the generous donations offered by the readers of News24. Renaldo Kok is one of the sponsored children who would be taking part in the tournament. Being 24 years of age, he stated that he was grateful for getting the opportunity. It was a rare opportunity that comes by once in a while. The others have not been so fortunate as to get their sponsors coming through for them.

The readers of News24 decided to donate money after reading about the plight of these young karate players. The total of donations raised is enough to get the kids across to the championship event and back. The trio had trained at the Shukokai academy for karate. They have been performing karate for more than a decade. However, due to lack of funding they are unable to take place in different tournaments. Shukokai’s manager Nicole Koen stated that she was overwhelmed with the kind of response they have received. She stated that it was as if a miracle has occurred in the eleventh hour. She stated that it was overwhelming to find that so many people wish to donate for children who are not their own. It is hopeful that the youngsters will make the best of this opportunity extended to them and put in their best efforts to represent their club as well as their region or country.

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