Kicking Instructions. kick based martial arts kicking martial arts how to karate kick

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  1. NightAn93l says:

    @destrask Ok sorry for the outurst

  2. destrask says:

    @NightAn93l It was supposed to be humorous, NOT offensive.

  3. NightAn93l says:

    @destrask Was that supposed to be offensive? Or did you not think to finish reading before posting this comment. I was talking about my sensei.

  4. destrask says:

    @NightAn93l You have a “master” are you a servant?

  5. danilovsky22 says:

    Great kicking!Paul ,you are the man!

  6. Mrdagreatness says:


  7. flykickk says:

    whats the name of the song?

  8. XXBruceLee says:

    @NightAn93l I’ve trained with many grand masters and I’ve beaten the best of the best. Take up Jeet Kune Do. It takes the body beyond and then some.

  9. NightAn93l says:

    @XXBruceLee P.S. I have a master now btw but I am his only disciple. Also it wasn’t like I wasn’t looking for a master, It was just that most martial arts other than kung fu weren’t really on par with my skills.

  10. NightAn93l says:

    @XXBruceLee There is style to my martial art. My martial art focuses on speed and footwork. I simply take analyzed moves from arts like jeet kun do for ex. and mold them in a way thats consistent to my style and capabilities. Also my art focuses greatly on footwork, balance, and speed as well as power. This allows me to get in, around, and behind my opponents defense quikely and take him down. My art isn’t at a master level yet but I have fought black belts without recieving a single blow.

  11. XXBruceLee says:

    @NightAn93l Their is no style, first of all. Bruce Lee’s, Jeet kuned do, is very effective as well, so their is no reason to create your own martial art, either. Their’s nothing wrong with analyzing other fighters, but it’s really improtant to be trained by many different grand masters, so you can take your martial art’s skills to the next level, like I did.

  12. NightAn93l says:

    @XXBruceLee that’s true but I am a martial artist who has never had martial arts training. When I was young, I would analyze different martial arts moves and practice and develope the muscles in my arms and legs. Many dojos and masters have said that I have talent and constantly ask me why I don’t take lessons, I simply tell them that I wish to develope my own style and techniqueand create my own martial art. So far it has been a success.

  13. XXBruceLee says:

    @SECMusic Martial arts isn’t just about kicking or punching, and striking. You need to apply knowledge into the martial arts. When you apply different applications into your martial arts, you’ll become a more better fighter. You can’t just practice a certain kick properly, because you need to develop certain muscle grops in your body. “It does matter how much you learned, but how much you have absorbed”. Bruce Lee, didn’t just trained or practice. He put philosophy into his martial arts.

  14. SECMusic says:

    @XXBruceLee Why not just train to do the kick properly the way the kick is supposed to be done and as you develop you will eventually become faster, and stronger each time you do it. Speed, power and accuracy comes with practice.

  15. jamstamanify says:

    made me lol when you randomly started poking a diagrams ass with a stick

  16. XXBruceLee says:

    He reminds me of, Bruce Lee because as you can clearly see in this video. He’s applying different applications to each of his kicks, so that their more powerful, more speed and so on. I train the same way, by reading many different methods, and applying bodybuilding methods for my martial arts. He should really, considering on applying bodybuilding into his martial arts, just like, Bruce Lee did even though, Bruce Lee didn’t consider himself a bodybuilder.

  17. ToddsTKD says:

    WITH shoes? This guy needs to man up a little

  18. CentredOne says:

    @ElectricGravity hehe… kombat. me likes.

  19. nickoswoos says:

    2:58 he will destroy you

  20. ElectricGravity says:

    @SECMusic Yeah, many of the kicks here just aren’t very practical or effective in a competition or a kombat situation. Some of the exercises here are useful, which is why I like this video clip.

  21. newtubetubetube says:

    @SECMusic said “[…] haven’t been training now for almost 20 but I can still throw the perfect kick.”
    LOL. yeah right…
    @SECMusic said “But ask me to do a 520, 720 or a 900 spinning kick I am lost in space”
    These kick are worthless show off, why the fuck you even consider them.

  22. michurusan says:

    It certainly is impressive to see his kicks and the extra help is good for anyone who wishes to learn more about kicking techniques. However, there is no substitute for a good teacher who is there to train you physically. I would advice the videos, but only if you have a Kyun to go train at.

  23. SECMusic says:

    @Celciusss Go back and watch the Karate Kid again both versions. and when you stop laughing and making fun of it put into practice everythig thing that Miyagi taught to Daniel or Mr Han taught to young Dre and tell me if they over simplified anything.

  24. SECMusic says:

    @AmericanPowerBase You waste your time trying to get these people to buy your product. That’s what the Gracie family did to prove that their style of fighting is superior to all, but I tell you it is not. Perfect practice makes perfect. Martial Arts isn’t difficult people like you make it difficult. the Gracie’s aren’t perfect neither is their style of fightin’ I am not perfect and never will be but I know that I will never be defeated in a fight because I will never let it go that far.

  25. AmericanPowerBase says:

    @SECMusic Perhaps you failed to watch the video.