MAD Episode 18 Are You Karate Kidding Me? / Fresh Prawn of Bel-Air

Capable Karate Movie Score: four / 5

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25 Responses to “MAD Episode 18 Are You Karate Kidding Me? / Fresh Prawn of Bel-Air”

  1. jaidastar01 says:

    1:56 that is the greatest question

  2. finesmorla says:

    and the winer is… Dora.

  3. achech75 says:

    04:19 PORTAL !!!

  4. rickerbilly says:

    Carmmar het it carmmar its like a hammer but the car in the ham GET IT!!

  5. MrLucasfrench says:

    Wait doras Spanish

  6. Dhruv Varanasi says:

    lol o-o

  7. 23pecezuelos says:

    8:55 In THE SHIRT!
    GIR IS BACK! 😀

  8. MadGamer55100 says:

    Thumbs up if you’re the nimrod who forgot to put the top up. XD!!! Anyone but me. XDDD!!!!

  9. marcialainu says:

    That animation for the TMNT is great

  10. megaflunky says:

    If you watched more of them you would know that the Black Spy wins sometimes.

  11. fungirlninja says:

    the servent made me laugh a bit

  12. fenixrock says:

    TMNTMZ jajajajajajaj

  13. BKGrommesh says:

    not every time

  14. beowolfradiaoul says:

    no please make it all clear for us BlackMan..

  15. 777BlackMan7771 says:

    i think we all know why the white spy wins all the time

  16. mmirekelite56 says:

    @ 06:22

  17. Radiorebel203 says:

    I agree with Jackie chan

  18. ofw1234 says:

    im the backpack im the backpack im the backpack
    throw it down
    i got this from my friend dora
    throw it down pick it up throw it down throw it down pick it up throw it down
    what that teach me
    nothing i just don’t like that Dora show

  19. MrSargentmike says:

    le bronie

  20. poopsackmcgee12 says:

    Fresh prawn of bel air theme rules

  21. KatTheCuteMonster says:

    omg at 08:55 the pravvn talking to the girl pravvn has a gir shirt!!!

  22. tedy52295 says:

    im the backpack omg go DORE i but i still think she is stuped

  23. TheImaginaryfriend21 says:

    wow never thought i’d say this but, GO DORA!!!!

  24. natonorway says:

    come on yoda sued the star wars copy losers …
    I hope everyone realized I just kidding or not

  25. MrMegaman0607 says: