Heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven has been ranting about upcoming fight with Daniel Ghita slated for Los Angeles.

Both men will square up at Saturday’s last man standing PPV when Glory 17 kicks off. There is so much at stake, and Rico Verhoeven is aware of that. According to the champion:

“The trust and honor to the main event at a kickboxing show like this is huge. I also think that it is a smart thing to do for Glory because the people want to see heavyweights going toe to toe. Because that’s where the most knockouts are. I’m only 25, so they have years and years to promote me as a fighter so overall it’s a good thing.”

His opponent Daniel Ghita isn’t taking things easy too, with a post on his social media, handle saying he would knock the champ out quite convincingly when both fighter square it up at Glory 17. He went on further to call Verhoven a boring fighter because the champ has been winning a majority of his bouts based on unanimous decisions.

It would be recalled that the 25-year-old Verhoeven defeated Gokhan Saki and Daniel Ghita at Glory 11 to be crowned the heavyweight champion. He defeated Saki by a majority decision while he won David Ghita by a split decision. However, glory 17, is a different ball game entirely with David hoping to cause some upset to the champ. Hence, the fight between this two promises to be one of the most destructive fight ever with Ghita gunning to dethrone Verhoeven as heavyweight champion.

Will there be a repeat at Glory 17 or we are going to witness an upset? For now, there is no answer to that, we all have to keep our fingers crossed and watch how things play out when glory 17 eventually goes down.

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