Self Defense Karate: How To Throw A Roundhouse Kick

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2 Responses to “Self Defense Karate: How To Throw A Roundhouse Kick”

  1. LethalSelfDefense says:

    Yea its true haha. Generally muay thai fighters do that since it’s what
    they kick with.They kick banana trees over and over and over again. It’s
    crazy painful to deaden them though haha for self defense for regular
    people, you would need to practice, but necessarily to such an extreme
    although it would be a bonus. Self defense situations are generally very
    very short and very very high in adrenaline. So it might hurt, but nothing
    like hitting banana tree’s till bones break like Van Damme haha!

  2. Jesse Snake Muench says:

    Is it true you have to deaden the nerves in the shin so it’s not painful
    when you kick with it? When you talk about that it makes me think of the
    scene in Kickboxer when Van Damme was kicking the tree until he fell down
    in pain haha.