Teaching son how to Karate Chop

Capable Karate Video Rating: 4 / five

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15 Responses to “Teaching son how to Karate Chop”

  1. gamemaster4477 says:


  2. HaseoTakaeda says:

    You are misleading your child due to the fact that the ‘Karate Chop’ never was and never will be an actual karate move

  3. 70ME3E says:

    nice )

  4. MasterSenji says:

    Hahaha This Is So Awesome!

  5. racefanbam says:

    LOL!! Awesome Video!!!!

  6. juberwock says:

    ok… thank you

  7. Gary23548 says:

    the second song name is ‘Animal i have become’, by ‘three days grace’

  8. hushedcascet says:

    Heh. Funy. But you’re gonna hurt your kid’s hand! Don’t try to make him do this stuff at this age. You’re gonna damage his bones or hand or whatever.

  9. juberwock says:

    what is the name of the SECOND song that plays in the background.. and nice choping dude.

  10. barfyspartan says:

    you werent too bad. Is it true that when you do karate and just starting, they brake the boards then hold them together to make you feel good coz you supposedly broke it

  11. djbyrne says:

    It’s the karate kid all over again!

  12. punk5oci3ty says:

    like father like son, cute kid

  13. chopUdown says:

    Gotta get while they’re young!

  14. aikirich says:

    that was funny

  15. billyhigdon says:

    dude, the was your hat landed on that bucket was sick. nice choppin dude.