Traditional karate Gi Folding

Capable Karate Video clip Ranking: four / five

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25 Responses to “Traditional karate Gi Folding”

  1. iKd0tP says:

    thanks a lot! i feel a hole in my karate knowledge has been filled!

  2. Infernalcx says:

    @JGSH13 hahahha lol good eye … No belt respect U_U Tisk!!!

  3. JGSH13 says:

    U spend so much time and effort folding the gi, yet the belt is strewn carelessly on the floor in the background. A belt should never touch the ground if you’re not wearing it.

  4. maestrularmelor says:

    thanks for the video it’s great 😀 Oss!

  5. CancolideStudio says:

    your aggression while folding this karate Gi makes my heart pound! ^^

  6. UndeadTurk says:

    Perfect! Now my Gi is ready for the grading =)

  7. PnutButter1986 says:

    @fuKdaKKKSnNIGGAS It is a Blitz Advance White Diamond Karate Suit I believe. It is worth getting the one I mentioned if you are a serious karateka because it gives a satisfying snapping sound when kicking and punching :S

  8. CoaBrate says:

    Good video!

  9. speedcomeback says:

    en realidad esto es demasido util aunq hay que tener en cuenta que no en todos los dojos hay espacio suficiente como para hacer eso …..¬¬

  10. fuKdaKKKSnNIGGAS says:

    what kind of uniform is that

  11. MrDevil2000 says:

    hey thankz!!! That uses less space !!! xD

  12. nazgul45 says:


    Shihan is the most senior 5th dan and up, Sempai can be a senior student and sensei does mean teacher…you are correct 🙂

  13. mat876 says:

    @MrSatan87 sempai? meaning oldest person , or most senior person?

    i think sensei is a better adress, sensei meaning teacher and showing respect for learning from him , am i right ?

  14. zranoni says:

    What is the name of this song? it’s wonderful

  15. NoodlesKiller95 says:

    Thank you so very much! I was killing myself trying to figure out on how to fold my Karate Gi.
    Thank you again! 😀

  16. MrSatan87 says:

    I’m just a beginner but that video is great and really helpfull, thank you for teaching me Sempai!

  17. troudan says:

    Thank you senpai,

    btw what is the name of the track playing the background?

  18. Fontanajc86 says:

    Very good Vid! Oh i like the song of the video,what is the name of it? where can i find it? thanks

  19. duirling says:

    ha ha i have the same gi!! quality gi

  20. Bunkaisho says:

    Thank you so much for the lesson. My Gi will never find itself simply stuffed into my bag again.

  21. KarateBSTK says:

    Thank you for all your positive comments 🙂 We hope to do more fundemental instructional videos in the future!

  22. howardthecpa says:

    very nice. I was never taught a method to fold my gi.

  23. mizu1000 says:

    What a great piece of film – I think I will fold my gi like that from now on! Many thanks.

  24. peterbf91 says:

    very good, ous sensei