Wing Chun Lesson 1:Basic leg excercise

Capable Karate Online video Score: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Wing Chun Lesson 1:Basic leg excercise”

  1. Avarics says:

    its fine now, i asked master wong on its website, the reason was dehydration

  2. Bobby Tan says:

    Yeah keep going it!

  3. Bobby Tan says:

    This method is good for flexibility leg, i try it to practice 10 times for a day

  4. ghostface185 says:

    I now discovered this channel! This was made in ’08, where have I been? Anyway has anyone noticed an results throughout these videos?

  5. HondaFanMainz says:

    Master Wong is a great teacher! WING CHUN <3

  6. ryukuroXD says:

    This actually inspired me to try out Wing Chun 🙂 Having my first classes soon and a little bit knowledge beforehand is always good 😀 Thank you very much and keep it up!

  7. Avarics says:

    im practicing for 10 days, straight. A sudden blood rush is been experienced by me in my head, is it normal

  8. mung tuan says:

    thanks for the Lesson , i really like to study wing chun

  9. weslustpliccerra says:


  10. stevepham707 says:


  11. Gidenkidenk says:

    Anyone else watch Ip Man?

  12. Avarics says:

    Bruce Lee Hates ADS

  13. matheus65128 says:

    traduza para portugues

  14. Ozan Tacalan says:

    maybe ip pronounced like yip ha?

  15. Eric Gonz says:

    sence i was 4 ive loved Wing CHun sadly ive never had enough money to pay lessons

  16. ceremonialpork says:

    It’s Yip considering I practice his lineage of Wing Chun and my Sifu taught under his family hahah IP is just a movie look at his ID card from the past they say Yip

  17. Karan Desai says:


  18. Andrezaogtv8 says:

    Master!Translate for portuguese barzil, please!Thank you!

  19. prodigygod1 says:

    i like his pumas

  20. ceremonialpork says:

    There is a movie titled Ip Man but his name is Yip, I’m not sure why they called it that

  21. xhmoobx says:

    I always thought it was spelled Ip man

  22. ceremonialpork says:

    Sifu Yip..the Grandmaster of Wing Chun ?

  23. xhmoobx says:

    yip man?

  24. thegamerfreak720 says:


  25. thegamerfreak720 says:

    what about master wong but rip all you guys only if more people were talking abiut you guys