Wing Chun Lesson 2: basic leg exercise with twist

Capable Karate Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Wing Chun Lesson 2: basic leg exercise with twist”

  1. deadmoonz123 says:

    i wanna understand wing chun fully. after seeing “IP Man 1 & 2” i got intrested. now im going to watch ip man 3.

  2. Shin Kintsurugi says:

    In martial arts, “basics” does not mean “do this until you reach X level of experience” it means “someday when you become grandmaster, you will still be doing this.”

  3. wagnerlange29 says:


  4. MisterWhang says:

    Practice everyday

  5. Yojimbo711 says:

    thank you master wong !

  6. hitter1 says:

    there is no such thing as enough practice..

  7. orkodijo says:

    all life 😉

  8. Lê Trọng Hiệp says:

    10 Years!

  9. TheTeeeenager says:

    It would be a shame for you not to bulk up when these normal people get ripped so easily with “MAD Ripped Muscle” (Google it).

  10. Seth O'Dale says:

    every day you can, in every moment you can, the more you train the faster you get better.

  11. Froob Hunter says:

    Can you Learn Wing chun by yourself, with the help of  watching his videos?

  12. DinamicACE says:

    all i can say is that you sifu have true devotion and i truly appreciate it!!! THANK YOU!! keep up the swell work sifu. 🙂

  13. CONNORBIGMc says:

    yeh thats probably why u find the first lesson easy as that lesson is for beginners.
    as you did track and field and bike alot u probably wont feel anything in your legs when doing the first lessons as your legs have probably got used to movements like that

  14. Halil Tugrul says:

    i find this and lesson one fairly easy, i am sure i am doing it correct, why is this?
    i used to do track and field throughout grades 9-12, i just graduated. Can this be why? i also bike a lot and skate a bit

  15. Zubair Aslam says:

    bare foots r your best option in every martial art….

  16. Altaykai Yamada says:

    my friend, just ignore haters and have a great day training 🙂

  17. cesarpanazza says:

    excellent videos ,congratulations sifu

  18. Ch.Ahsan Ali Khan says:

    Q.hi Master, i have a question that should we exercise your youtube lesson while wearing booths/shoes or can we practice bare feet?
    P.S: i was practicing bare foot. now if i do in boots i lose balance.
    Ahsan from Pakistan

  19. skorpione10 says:

    it’s also far distance combat system

  20. chuk90 says:

    WoW 2nd lesson is the basic technique from Cham Kiu. Already this difficult 😛

  21. robert lewis says:


  22. anythingnew says:

    I like how Master Wong start cussing as we move on. lol

  23. ichiruto21 says:

    thhank you for putting up these videos i was looking for something like this and you showed me it thank you. may i now where ur located

  24. Marc Benard says:

    i hope some day to to see for real what is going i just found my lifes passion for health

  25. addnukawiptim says:

    in kung fu belts are no such thing but white grey and black sashes are with white or red fringe