Wing Chun lesson 7: basic leg combination exercise/ moving forward with single kick

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25 Responses to “Wing Chun lesson 7: basic leg combination exercise/ moving forward with single kick”

  1. HaxifyChannel says:

    was about to reply the same

  2. MrBillthegreek says:

    “In this particular exercise” I LOVE that the way he says it in every video!
    Keep up the good work!!

  3. J4m3z1 says:

    It’s so easy to underestimate someone’s agility. Watch how Master Wong kicks but keeps his whole leg straight and maintains balance before eventually bringing his leg back down again. It’s so easy for me to kick and then bring my leg straight back down. When I actually tried keeping my leg there for a while, I couldn’t believe how difficult it was to keep composure. I urge everybody to pay attention to every detail in this video. The more you do that, the more you will learn, like I did.

  4. hoàng Nguyễn says:

    thanks very much master wong

  5. kevin raggett says:


  6. anythingnew says:

    And so many MMA fighters today show no respects to their styles’ roots.

  7. patrick karaitiana says:

    I been mixing it up with someof the bagua styles but its all good. kia ora master wong

  8. ronnynolegs says:

    HI Master Wong thank you for video we have no wing chun school where i live but wing chun is what i want to learn i am going to train hard and see how i get on to me it feels the more you train the more it speaks to you…

  9. CoxyNBrownie says:


  10. reuelckj says:

    Nice man, I love your shiny head btw <3

  11. jericouzumaki123 says:

    its easy with u see but its so hard when u do

  12. thejason3275 says:

    Wing Chun is to heavy for me, i do Jeet Kung Do

  13. rick00770 says:

    good stuff,, thanks master wong

  14. 455451N0 says:

    Hey, i know im not a master or anything, but i used to have trouble with this too. I stretch everyday now and have no problems at all. So my advice is to just stretch your legs daily, it doesnt take long, and its very help in daily activities.

  15. epicpking1 says:

    I Have Been Doing Wing Chun For 2 Years And Its Very Helpfull

  16. varunjeet singh says:

    gd mrng master wong i hv a dout in kickin practic ….. my leg doesnt go straight or stretch ….. the 1st or secnd is cmfrtable bt the 3rd one is difficlt for me …. it bends on practicing…. plz tell me the bst way to learn it easily ….. or other way to learn the stretchin practic of kickin … im very thnkfl to you if you reply me as soon as possible so that i cn proceed ma prcticin ….. thnk u so much ….

  17. varunjeet singh says:

    …. master wong gd mrning … i hv an dout …. wn i do kicking practice .. i hv some problem is ths i canot stretch my leg properly in 3thd no of kick ….. which is stright one ….. ist 2nd s cmfrtable bt the third kick cnnot go staight … plz tell me the best way so that i cn kick …. any other excercise so that it makes me comfortable ….. im doing 8th lesson ….

  18. ACAP126 says:

    will i sprain my ankle if i kick like that? please reply :)

  19. daniel wright says:

    i wna learn everything in one day, but i know tht is not possible :P, i will practise what i have been taught 😀 thnx master wong

  20. Helder Cárdenas says:

    lol the subs

  21. HydrophobicPELICAN says:

    these Lessons are greatLy appreciated thank you Master Wong

  22. Jefern Abitria says:

    Thankyou sooo much, I’ve been wanting to learn this for so long. And you’ve come out to give these lessons for free. you are an amazing teacher. 😀

  23. enlargemedia says:

    go master chung

  24. AfrojacX says:

    Bruce Lee started out with Wing Chun. So did Jackie Chan, I believe. I like this way more than the Karate I currently practice. No disrespect, I just find it more suitable for someone like me.

  25. yiteng16 says:

    i love how he goes 70-30 (: