Your Start in Karate

How you should start out in karate?

To start your Karate training, you need to find a good Karate training centre.  Find a reputable school or class and under the guidance of a willing instructor – ask your friends, family members, etc if they have heard of any good ones, or head online and try to find a good fighting school website.

What is the right age to start Karate training?

There is no age barrier to learning Karate. A child who is as small as four years can start learning, if he or she is serious and intelligent enough to follow the instructior! The same thing applies to the older people too – it does not matter that how old the person is, but if he is healthy, and can follow the instructions correctly, then he can join the Karate classes.

What is the qualification required to join the karate classes?

There are no specific criteria of qualification to join a Karate class.   Anyone can join Karate classes if he or she can read, speak, learn, understand and follow the instructions correctly. You should be able to learn and follow the steps exactly as you’re told, but other than that all you need is enthusiasm, tenacity, and determination. If you can remember and learn the steps of each move correctly, it won’t be long before you are a karate expert!

What is the belt system in Karate?

The belt system in Karate is used to show the progress of a student during his or her training classes. To get promotion in belts, you have to show your skills.  Beginners are given White belts, and they move up through a whole rainbow of colurs before they earn the expert’s Black belt.

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